Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Improve search engine rankings when potential customers search for you.

Website Optimization

We offer comprehensive organic SEO (search engine optimization) services to make your website discoverable. We start by tuning your content with targeted primary and secondary keywords. We add microdata and content to web pages to help search engines and social sites understand the content of the page. We then further optimize your website for performance and loadability.

Organic Search

  • Competitor analysis
  • Identify keywords most important to your business
  • Keyword analysis, word tracking reports, and keyword discovery reports
  • Technical and structural review
  • Mobile site review
  • Content Optimization
  • New content
  • Optimized message to match your search engine goals

Monthly SEO Service

Maintain or improve your search engine rankings with monthly SEO improvements to your website.

  • Monthly audit of competitive rankings for targeted keyword and word pairings
  • Keyword analysis, word tracking reports, and keyword discovery reports
  • Recommendations to improve search engine results
  • Tune existing content

Contact us to discuss ways to improve the search engine results for your website.

Google Maps - Local Search

Improve local search results for your products and services by adding your business locations to Google Maps.

Google AdWords

Targeted ads for your products and services can increase the natural visibility of your website. Google AdWords can complement the launch of a newly optimized website.

  • Google AdWords for targeted keywords in targeted geographical markets