Web Applications

Web Application Programming

Web Application Development

We help our clients move beyond traditional web pages into data-driven and transaction-based websites that support business logic.

Web applications can enable mobile computing and link your systems to those of your customers and suppliers. Applications can include interactive product catalogs, product configuration tools, order queries, and order placements.

Rich Internet Applications

Reactive content, lazy loading images, event tracking, sticky headers, form validation, and inline search and sort are some of the features that can be included in a single page application.


Our technology choice is based on your in-house requirements or more broadly on deployability, scaleability, and ease of maintenance.

We typically use REST based MVC and MVVM frameworks to provide scalability and performance while saving time and effort.



We use AngularJS for front end UI; Meteor, Ember, Backbone, and Node.js at the server layer.


PHP frameworks we support include Drupal and Laravel.


Java technologies that we use include JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaServer Faces (JSF), as well as Spring Web MVC.

Ruby on Rails

We provide development using Ruby on Rails.


We build dynamic web applications by combining front end web interactivity and server side programming with backend databases. These include relational databases such as MySQL and MariaDB. Non-relational or NOSQL databases include Mongo DB. We make extensive use of JSON.

We use standard web APIs for social media and Google Map integration.


Testing is an integral part of our development. We run automated tests (task runners) as we develop, and unit-test individual modules to ensure code quality. We use JSHint for static code analysis of JavaScript code.

Legacy Code

Agora supports code developed using Perl/CGI.

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