Front End Web Development

Responsive Web Development for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Markup and Style - HTML5 & CSS3

We provide you with a standards compliant website while preserving the front end aesthetics of the design. Your new website will include semantic markup and rich snippets to make it discoverable by the leading search engines.

Custom CSS is written with Sass or Less and minified before deployment.

Responsive Layout

Our adherence to the latest HTML5 and CSS3 coding standards and frameworks will enable your website to be accessible on the latest platforms from mobile phones, tablets, to the largest desktop screens.


CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS

Feature rich effects and animations are delivered using standard front end JavaScript frameworks and client side libraries, including AngularJS and jQuery. Interactive elements include carousels, lightboxes, sidebars, popups, tabs, accordions, tooltips, as well as animation effects and transitions.

Front End Programming

JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and AngularJS are some of the languages we use for front end development along with HTML5 and CSS3.


We use Bootstrap and Semantic UI to deliver the latest look in an easily maintainable format. At customer request, we will provide JSON and Bower manifests to facilitate redeployment of website framework dependencies.


In addition to using semantic tags, our HTML5 markup includes WAI-Aria aria-labels and role attributes to enable assistive technologies like screen readers to identify content. We also verify the color contrast of our web pages to ensure that the color blind and those with some vision loss can see the content.

Contact us for more information on our front end web and UI development.