Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Analytics and Tracking

Agora provides analytics and tracking services so you can receive timely feedback to help you make decisions for your business growth.

Google Analytics

Information about your website and your web advertising can provide you with a picture of what is working and where improvements need to made.

By using Google Analytics and other analytics tools, you are able to gather and view your website's visitor and page data information. Agora can help activate custom features which allow you to access more granular information.

With better information about your website and web advertising you are able to make better decisions to adjust to the market and grow your business.

Your analytics information can include broad representations about potential first-time clients which your sales team can act on.

Website Usage Measurement

Gauge levels of products of interest (website and web advertising)

Website content tracking and usage (pdfs, video, etc.)

Web Advertising effectiveness (equate ad clicks with contacts)

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