Mobile Apps

Private Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Develop once, deploy everywhere

Agora reduces the complexity of implementing mobile apps by using the leading and most innovative development frameworks.

We use Meteor.js, Cordova, and Ionic Framework for rapid prototyping, cost effective development, and to produce cross-platform (Android, iOS, and web) code.

Native Mobile Apps

Targeted to your specific needs

If you require a mobile app with advanced UI interactions, processor intensive application, or pixel perfect layout, you may prefer a native mobile app—an app that is developed for a specific OS and version of mobile device.

Android Apps


  • Full access to device specific features
  • Faster performance for data intensive apps
  • Full range of gestures: touch, pinch, zoom, drag, flick, etc

Intuitive user experience

We develop mobile apps that are clean, simple, and functional.


We use the following technologies in order to develop mobile apps: Meteor.js, Cordova, Ionic Framework, Java, and Android SDK.


  • Development
  • Testing
  • App store or Google Play set up

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