Mobile Websites

Responsive websites for mobile

Mobile First

With a mobile first approach, the mobile display of your website gets priority consideration.

Mobile Optimized Images

Mobile ready websites automatically download smaller-sized versions of images while using the same code base. The number of webserver calls is reduced by making use of inline images, image font libraries, and sprites.

Mobile Optimized Forms

We take advantage of HTML5 functionality to improve user experience on mobile devices:

  • date and time fields display calendars and clocks,
  • numeric inputs, such as telephone numbers, automatically display a number pad
  • text inputs pre-fill with suggestions and automatically display the mobile keyboard
  • form inputs are pre-validated before the form is submitted

Mobile UI

Responsive cross platform websites and apps are developed with JQuery Mobile, JQuery UI, and Angular JS.

Responsive Design

We take advantage of responsive design patterns to ensure that your mobile website will work on as many devices as possible and require less maintenance in the long run.

We use content stacking strategies that are aimed at your target audience.

User experience and usability testing for mobile, tablet and desktop.

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