Our Process

Pre-Project Evaluation

A pre-project evaluation includes technical feasibility, suggested technologies and frameworks, data security, platforms and issues based on Agora's experience. Project timeline, client resources, and development budget would be estimated.

Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy - an iterative process

Project Management

Each of our projects goes through a rigorous planning, development, and testing phase as part of our development process.

QA Plan

The project manager designs and manages the quality assurance and testing requirements for project deliverables. The plan provides the sign-off for individual component tests and their workability testing when integrated with completed components.


Agora conducts module testing on all completed components to assure overall product quality. Our Agile approach to development lends itself to module testing as each completed phase undergoes testing prior and post integration with other completed components to ensure desired workability.

Quality assurance includes application testing, content spell checking, and link integrity prior to any public release.


Our testing and approval process ensures that you have the final say. Your web project will be deployed to a private staging server for your review and acceptance. Only once you are satisfied and have signed off on the project does it go live.

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