Web Design

Web Design

Agora creates a visual design to tie the user experience to your current brand. We focus on turning your ideas into compelling experiences that reach customers.

Design Process

Our goal is to build a great web experience. We work with you to understand your business priorities and current marketing. We develop an idea and begin the process of developing a website to your requirements.

Quality assurance plays a critical role in our design process. Navigational integrity and testing of interactive elements are done prior to any public release.

Branding & Visuals

Images, colors, and language identify your company at a glance. Agora captures your brand elements across all digital formats to convey your style and identity.

We use styling elements such as color, optimized web fonts, icons, and other visual imagery to align with your brand.

User Experience

User experience drives our creative process. Our designs cater to your target audience. Product information is easily findable while key products and services are front and center. By presenting information in an intuitive and engaging manner we strive to achieve the desired response.

Rendering performance is one of the metrics we use when testing for user experience. Styles, media, and images are optimized for fast loading. We also work to eliminate unnecessary downloads that can slow the browsing experience.

Design for Every Screen

We create flexible layouts that work on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. We design responsive websites that adapt to as many devices as possible and that require less maintenance in the long run.

Have a design or concept that you want to bring to the web? Contact us for more information.